“Meditation is an integral part of your life … personal growth takes place only when you meditate and become stronger”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 
Founder of Sahaja Yog

The word “meditation” in Sanskrit sounds like dhyana, which is sometimes translated as “concentration.” In China, the same word in tranfsormirovalos “Chan”, and in Japan – “Zen.”

To begin, we note an important fact that today’s generally accepted idea of meditation do not express the essence of the processes that occur in the body and the psyche of man, meditating on how to Sahaja Yoga. For example, in the Explanatory dictionary and encyclopedia Ozhegova “Cyril & Methodius”, the term “meditation” isinterpreted as follows:

Meditation – a state of deep mental concentration on any one thing, detachment from all else, the action that results in such a state. In general, deep meditation, focus on something. – Dictionary Ozhegova.
Meditation – (from Lat. Meditatio – meditation), mental action, whose purpose – to bring the psyche into a state of in-depth and concentration, accompanied by bodily relaxation, lack of emotional expressions, detachment from external objects. – Encyclopedia “Cyril & Methodius”

The fact is that mental action, reflection – all of this, in fact, is not characteristic of meditation and similar activities may be called by any other word. Sahaja Yoga Meditation – the complete lack of ideas, with full consciousness. Meditation – a state of consciousness in which we find ourselves spontaneously as soon as the Kundalinipasses through the Sahasrara Chakra. This is an important event in the higher plane.This is the Yoga, union with the Divine and the initial stage entirely new awareness. It is this awareness, we must maintain. However, it is not always easy in our hectic, distracting. Our attention, Chitta, easily dispersed and has a tendency to return to the old familiar objects. And then we may question whether we had touched a new awareness – or is it just a dream. This is not a dream, however, it is necessary to strengthen our focus and set it to a new place in the Sahasrara Chakra (area 0-10 cm above the fontanel bone, top of head).

By the limitless spheres of the universe not apply the concept of time or a finite space. These categories relative, relative and formed a human shaped consciousness. The concept of the same God as the Absolute Reality is an indivisible concept of the present. Therefore, God is knowable through the moment is eternal, momentary. In the same way can not be knowledge of the Supreme through our brain, which is very limited in their capabilities. Thoughts generated by the brain and are a result of brain activity. Thoughts – a variable factor, and all non-permanent, transient can not be eternal. They are alternating waves are sweeping carousel, plunging us into the illusion of the world revolution. Through the brain and our attention is drawn to the area of ​​the carnal, physical, mental, emotional. Happiness and sorrow, loss and gain, success, achievement and failure and despair – faces of one coin. And the Spirit is genuine freedom in us, true independence, inexhaustible light, peaceful joy.

Sahaja Yoga meditation – not the kind of self-hypnosis, trance, unconsciousness or even something like that. During this meditation, it is impossible to contemplate the vision, light, listen to the voices and others that distract from the reality of the phenomenon. In the process of Sahaja yoga meditation is fully aware of yourself (your location, general condition, etc.) If the meditator in a moment ask a question or request, it will be able to react without any delay the passage of a meditative state in normal (for example, when the phone rang, the meditator Sahaja yogi immediately responds, taking another freely starts talking). During these meditations (which, it should be noted, are possible only after obtaining Camorealizatsii) Sahaja yogi silently observes the work of the Kundalini, which rises to the vertebral column, filling the chakra vibrations (benign energy).This observation is fascinating and exhilaration, vaguely reminiscent of the one you can try looking at the great work of art or the beauty of the mountains and clouds.

The practice of meditation, Sahaj Yoga in

Soctoyanie meditation is easily achieved using a regular a few simple steps, which offered to Shri Mataji . First of all, the meditator must use the photo of Shri Mataji in order to get the vibration , which can be felt as a cool breeze on the palms and the crown.

Twice a day, morning and evening, try to take advantage of these vibrations, place the photograph in a quiet, clean place where you can meditate on a daily basis without interference. Put a candle in front of a portrait and sit comfortably, face-to photos. Bow to Shri Mataji, and raise the Kundalini do bandhan . Put your hands loosely on the knees, palms up. Close your eyes and focus attention on the crown, not straining it. Forgive everyone and yourself. Try to feel that you absorb vibrations coming from the photo.

Physically, you may first feel a warmth or tingling in the fingers or in the body. This is quite clearly shows what the chakras are blocked. It happens when the Kundalini starts to burn out impurities that block the chakras, this is a good sign. Some time later, the warmth or tingling, coolness will be replaced. This indicates that the vibration is now flowing freely.

Often not the same vibration in the palms. Then it is necessary to balance the state of our subtle body. Check the balance on the hands of the state of the left and right channels (in the hands of one of the more heat, or you do not feel her vibrations). Need to balance the state to do this, it is written here .

Mentally, you may initially find that your thoughts wander to the past or are planning future events. Try to watch them and let them go. Some time later, you can get to the interval between two thoughts and reach a state of deep meditation, that is,complete thoughtlessness. At the same time effectively rests the brain and relaxes the entire nervous system.

If you suddenly had the thought, open your eyes and see some time at the photo of Shri Mataji, remember the image of Shri Mataji, close your eyes and place the image of Shri Mataji over the head. Reinstall the thoughtlessness. If you manage to visit in a few minutes of thoughtlessness, that is enough for your height.

To reach a state of thoughtlessness, use these prayers (statement): “Shri Mataji, please, come into my heart,” “I forgive everyone”, “Shri Mataji, please teach me not to think during meditation.” It is important not equated himself with anything except the Spirit all the time and keep the attention of the head. Mentally repeat: “Shri Mataji, I – the Spirit.”

Watch for breathing, which gradually settles down and slows. Entering the meditation is particularly dependent on the state of the centers in the liver, heart and head, so you can try the following sequence of statements. Place your left hand on the liver and ask: “Shri Mataji, please cleanse my mind, come to my attention.” Then return the left arm to the starting position, the right place at the heart and ask: “Shri Mataji, please, open my heart, cleanse my heart, Come into my heart.”Then the right hand on his forehead and say “I forgive myself, I forgive all. Shri Mataji, please be in my head.” Keep a hand on the chakra needed as long as you do not feel that the deepening of meditation has reached its maximum.

By directing attention to the bottom of the spine, will effectively say: “Sri Kundalini ascend to the Sahasrara, please.” Then, giving some attention to the heart, said: “Shri Mataji, unite me with the all-pervading power of love, please.” If the mind starts to follow feelings, saying: “No, no, not this.”

It is very important not to put any effort and do not expect. One only has to surrender to the will of his Kundalini and Shri Mataji. Do not fight with your thoughts, try to just watch them and let them go. Gradually, you find yourself in a state of consciousness without thought, without any effort.